Friday, August 16, 2019

Newborn Puppies

Born 23 July 2019 - we have Ruby boy, Tri boy, Black & Tan girl & Blenheim girl.

Friday, August 2, 2019

Blenheim girl Honey born Dec 2018

Honey Bunny is a super sweet & loving Blenheim girl who should mature to aprox 14-16 lbs. $2,500

Ruby boy Winston born Dec 2018

Winston is a beautiful Ruby boy, playful & loving!  He jumps into our laps for a long nite of snuggling. $2,500

Ruby boy Justin born 12-6-2018

Justin was a gorgeous baby as anyone can see !  Now growing up he’s a sweet lover boy, very friendly & playful. His head is gorgeous, as well as his big full ears & luminous dark eyes. $2,200

BT boy Percy born 1-23-2019

 Percy is a Black & Tan boy with huge dark eyes & a pretty head with lovely full ears !  He has a nice body shape with good bone. $2,500

Ruby girl Sophie born 12-21-2018

Sophie is as sweet as her expression!  She’s loving, friendly & a bit quiet.  She’s a Ruby girl with a lovely head, huge luminous eyes, good coat & bone. $2,200